stars“I have been rowing for three years now and am on the Winter Park High School Crew Team. Before cryotherapy I did a lot of stretching and acupuncture for recovery, but those take much longer than a quick cryo session and are not as beneficial. My dad introduced me to cryotherapy as he had used it to recover from his CrossFit workouts a few years ago. He and my mom told me about the benefits and how much better they felt after treatments so they took me in to try it out. They benefits are amazing, at first you are a little cold, but then once you step out of the chamber you can feel the blood rushing back through your body and you feel energized and recovered. You feel ready to take on the next task. I have recommended cryotherapy to some of my teammates and other athletes at my school. And I strongly recommend cryotherapy for all athletes and very active people, the benefits are worth it!”