stars“As an extreme athlete involved in professional obstacle course racing, rock climbing, calisthenics, and full-on movement-based training I put my body through some high intensity stuff. Healing is the other side of the spectrum that is just as important to me as getting strong. Even with proper stretching and nutrition, soreness is inevitable. This is where I explored for alternate methods and found interest in Cryotherapy. After doing my first Whole-Body Cryotherapy at Winter Park Cryosuana I instantly became hooked with the results. After doing multiple treatments I heal faster, feel instantly relaxed, and sleep better. I have experienced significant improvements in reduced shoulder and lower back pain and decreased soreness after intense workouts. Whether you’re an active athlete, healing from an injury, work at a stressful job, or just want to try new therapy methods, the sensation and healing factor of Whole-Body Cryo is real. I highly recommend you go into Winter Park Cryosauna, meet the awesome owner Stephanie and try it yourself!”