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Looking for Nerve Damage Relief? Should You Try Cryotherapy?


Looking for Nerve Damage Relief? Should You Try Cryotherapy?

Freezing your body is an up and coming health trend that is gaining a lot of publicity among not only athletes and celebrities, but everyday people looking to gain an edge or fight their pain and inflammation. Cryotherapy literally means “cold therapy” and it is a 3 minute treatment where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures. These temperatures send the body into a “survival mode,” which causes blood supply to flow to the most vital organs to relay more oxygen and nutrients. Once you leave the cold environment, the oxygen enriched and less-toxic blood is flushed back into the rest of the body. In turn, helping to fight any inflammation within the cells.Cryotherapy is helpful for anyone looking to decrease inflammation and pain, but it is also known for increasing cell rejuvenation, improving skin tone and reducing signs of aging.Cryotherapy can also be used in the treatment of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and so much more!

Can Cryotherapy help nerve damage?

The short answer… YES!Cryotherapy has been a mainstay for nerve pain relief in Europe and Japan for over a generation. It just now becoming more popular in the US where its use among athletes has trickled out to the rest of the population.Nerve cryotherapy uses localized freezing temperatures to temporarily disable an irritated nerve. Generally, this lasts for approximately 3 months at which point the nerve heals itself. These methods involve just a small focus on nerve damage.If these methods work, imagine the effects Whole-Body Cryotherapy can have on nerve damage throughout the entire body.Keep in mind that cryotherapy is most effective when it is used as a relatively continuous treatment with some sort of regularity. The frequency will depend on each person’s level of inflammation and pain. Generally, 10 to 20 sessions of whole-body cryotherapy are recommended to achieve optimum therapeutic benefits. Then a maintenance plan can be established for each client.Chill out today and book a session online at Winter Park Cryosauna!