*Member Spotlight* Q & A about Cryotherapy


*Member Spotlight* Q & A about Cryotherapy

In today’s Q & A, we sat down with one of our regular clients, Denise, to talk with her about how cryotherapy has had a positive impact on her health. Denise came to us after her doctor recommended cryotherapy to aide in the healing process after a surgery. Separate from the surgery, Denise had also suffered from knee and lower back pain and has seen great improvements in each of those as well.

Q: Tell us a little bit about how you came to find whole body cryotherapy.

A: I always try to keep up with the latest health technologies and have been reading about cryotherapy for quite awhile. With a recent surgery and flare up of my chronic lower back pain, I decided to give it a try. My doctor referred me to Winter Park Cryosauna and I am happy he did! I have to admit I was a little nervous just before my first appointment, however Stephanie took a lot of time explaining the process and potential health benefits as well as answered all my questions. She explained that while the maximum session time is only 3 minutes, if I was feeling uncomfortable, my first session could be cut shorter. It was totally up to me and I just had to let her know as the session progressed. Also, knowing that someone is present during the entire session, helped me feel much more confident and comfortable.

Q: Once you tried it, explain your experience and how you felt afterwards.

A: It was awesome! Freezing cold and exhilarating at the same time! Just when I started thinking “WOW, this is like being up North in the winter…outside with no clothes on!”, it was over! My session was in the morning and I noticed a couple of hours later that I was more energized and my heightened level of energy lasted into the evening hours.

Q: You obviously see the benefits since you are a regular member- explain how WBC helps you and how you feel right after your sessions as well as the hours and days later.

A: After my 3 introductory sessions I was hooked and I am now into my second 10 pack. Early on, I noticed my back pain had eased. And with 2 sessions a week, I have not had any flare ups.  In addition, from time to time my knee bothers me ever since I had meniscus surgery. Since starting cryotherapy, I have not had any knee pain either. Each time I leave a session, I have more energy and know I will accomplish more than I had planned on those days. An added bonus is that I see a real difference in my skin; it feels smoother and appears fuller…I cannot wait to see the difference in another few months!

Q: What would you say to a person that’s considering trying WBC, but is a little nervous or apprehensive?

A: I would say that a positive mindset is helpful and most people can do anything for 1 minute so try it…if even for one minute! You will know what it feels like and I bet you find yourself wanting to experience it again!

Q: Any or thoughts/comments?

A: The management and staff at Winter Park Cryosauna are professional, knowledgable and friendly. I am so glad my first experience was there!