“I have been rowing for three years now and am on the Winter Park High School Crew Team. Before cryotherapy I did a lot of stretching and acupuncture for recovery, but those take much longer than a quick cryo session and are not as beneficial. My dad introduced me to cryotherapy as he had used it to recover from his CrossFit workouts a few years ago. He and my mom told me about the benefits and how much better they felt after treatments so they took me in to try it out. They benefits are amazing, at first you are a little cold, but then once you step out of the chamber you can feel the blood rushing back through your body and you feel energized and recovered. You feel ready to take on the next task. I have recommended cryotherapy to some of my teammates and other athletes at my school. And I strongly recommend cryotherapy for all athletes and very active people, the benefits are worth it!”


“I was training for a marathon and began to experience some pain and soreness in my right knee 10 days before the race. I cut back my activity and increased my stretching. After reading more about the benefits of cryotherapy, I decided to give Winter Park Cryosauna a try to speed up my healing. I was able to run the marathon completely pain free one week later! I could feel it start to work immediately on healing my knee!  After my first session, the pain/soreness in my knee started to decrease. The discomfort continued to decrease daily until race day when I had no pain or soreness at all. I followed up with another session two days after my marathon and by day 4 post-race, the soreness from the marathon is completely gone.  I’m ready for my next race!  In addition to the recovery aspect, I also slept great the two nights I had treatment. Anyone can benefit from Cryosuana.”


“As an Olympic weightlifter and firefighter, being injured is not really an option. The workouts are strenuous and some days my job is extremely physically demanding which can cause an extreme amount of stress on my body. Winter Park Cryosauna has been a major factor in my recovery and rehab. Cryotherapy is very fast and very effective. I tend to get a good amount of pain and soreness in my knees and hamstrings. The staff is always very friendly and professional. The facility is very clean and always kept in great condition. Winter Park Cryosauna has helped me with fast recovery from training which has led me to win numerous championships as an Olympic lifter.”


“As an extreme athlete involved in professional obstacle course racing, rock climbing, calisthenics, and full on movement based training I put my body through some high intensity stuff. Healing is the other side of the spectrum that is just as important to me as getting strong. Even with proper stretching and nutrition, soreness is inevitable. This is where I explored for alternate methods and found interest in Cryotherapy. After doing my first Whole Body Cryotherapy at Winter Park Cryosuana I instantly became hooked with the results. After doing multiple treatments I heal faster, feel instantly relaxed , and sleep better. I have experienced significant improvements in reduced shoulder and lower back pain and decreased soreness after intense workouts. Whether you’re an active athlete, healing from an injury, work at a stressful job, or just want to try new therapy methods, the sensation and healing factor of Whole Body Cryo is real. I highly recommend you go into Winter Park Cryosauna, meet the awesome owner Stephanie and try it yourself!”


“I started cryotherapy almost two years ago and began coming to Winter Park Cryosauna shortly after they opened since it was closer and much more convenient. I started cryotherapy in oder to treat an auto-immune disease as well as osteoarthritis. Because of extreme pain in my joints, the doctors put me on a medication called Plaquenil that can cause vision problems and lead to blindness. After starting cryo, I’ve been able to stop taking the medication which is a huge relief. Regular cryo treatments have helped reduce the pain in my hands and feet from the osteoarthritis to the point where I can function normally. I highly recommend cryotherapy for all types of people to help with healing, joint pain, muscle recovery and overall well being.”